Christina is available to make presentations about her sled dogs and her proffesional racing career as a dog musher!

These presentations include points on leadership, teamwork, alternative learning, responsibility, motivation, and the work it takes to not only follow your dreams, but go after them with all you have. 

If you would like to have her and one of her teammates come to your school or event to speak, please don't hesitate to reach out.

We will work with your schools budget so all schools have a chance to have Christina speak with your students! 

Every year the third graders at Methow Valley Elementary spend time following the Iditarod and using it for their education. Team Whiteout is happy to participate in this part of the school year to provide the students with more direct experience with sled dogs and racing gear!

"Christina did a wonderful job presenting information about her dogs and experience as a musher in my 9th Grade English classroom as a guest speaker in our unit on The Call of the Wild. She came in well-prepared, and spoke with articulation and maturity uncommon for her age that most certainly helped students engage with her presentation. Her interesting tales of adventure weren't the only thing that inspired my students; her confidence in speaking and the boldness and self-motivation she shows pursuing her passion did so as well! I highly recommend finding an excuse to have Christina present in your classroom!!! - Cameron Alford

Rating: Five out of five stars