Frequently Asked Questions

  • Those don't look like huskies. What are they?

Here is a fantastic research article done on Alaskan Sled Dogs, a.k.a The Alaskan Husky

  • What do the dogs eat?

We feed our dogs REDPAW 32K, a high quality dog kibble. During the fall and winter when the team is training and racing, we also feed chicken which is ground and then frozen. When its time to feed it, it is soaked in hot water, separating the chicken and creating what is lovingly called 'Meat Water'. Each dog gets an amount of kibble specific to its weight and nutritional needs, and then an appropriate amount of meat water is fed with it. This keeps them hydrated and provides a warm meal in the colder months! The chicken is also high in fat and teamed with the REDPAW helps maintain a healthy weight!

Fun Fact: Some dogs eat more during the Spring shedding season when they blow their coat, than they do peak race season!

  • Do they like the boxes they travel in?

Absolutely! They recognize that when we get in the trailer, we are going somewhere exciting to do fun things! Maybe it's to go train somewhere new, head to a race, or maybe we're just traveling to a new place! The dog boxes inside the trailer are specificaly designed to be both comfortable, and safe! The boxes are narrower than they are long, ensuring that if we were to get in an accident, the dogs cannot be thrown, but the boxes are long enough that they have plenty of room to stretch out. It's not uncommon for me to walk back to check on the dogs and find them sprawled on their back napping!

The boxes are also plenty warm, making them very cozy! - even well below zero!

  • What are the things on their feet?

Dog Booties! Booties are used to protect their feet from different types of snow! This can be anything from icy or rough trails, to wet snow that balls up on their feet. We also have many creams and waxes that can be applied directly to the foot underneath the boot to add even more protection if needed!

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