Freckles -- $500 -- The down to earth and serious one, she always knows exactly how to do her job. When I put her up front I know I can trust her to get us down the trail safely. Despite being one of the oldest dogs on the team at 6, she's tied as top racing dog, and is our no brainer race leader.
Robin Hood -- $300 -- The foolish one of the bunch, he tends to get into situations he can’t get himself out of. Even though he’s one of the youngest on the team, I have high hopes for his future. He has a very high drive, which often gets him into trouble, but his heart is in it. this season he will be tried in lead to see if we can tap into that drive when he's at the front of the team.
Sunny -- $300 -- The energetic one, this girl knows what it means to chase down another dogteam. With a bit more training, she will make quite the contender.
Steamer -- Premium Dog Sponsorship -- The sensitive one, his main interest is hugs. He’s a water lover and it’s not unheard of to find him standing in his water bucket during the summer. Steamer is tied as the top racing dog on the team, and is evolving into an incredible lead dog. He lead 140 miles of the Jr. Iditarod unflinchingly, and finished our other big races this season. Considering how fast he excelled last season, he's one to watch this year.
Toby -- $400 -- The steady heart in the team. Toby knows how to think for himself and tends to be a bit independent, but he's always enthusiastic to go, and he's quickly staking his claim as a top racing dog on the team. He's Team Whiteouts Royal Flush. Our unbeatable hand.
Tatum -- $500 -- The Boss man. When we get to a race site, he’s the first one yelling to get out of the truck. At the start line you can see him stand steady at the front of the team before take off, and once we’re on the trail, he knows how to lead his team. He gets a little nervous at intersections, so he needs a level headed partner beside him, but don’t mistake that for weakness, he’s a darn good dog.
Rubicon -- $400 -- Rubicon proved her mettle last season. She finished all our big races, finishing lead in both the Eagle Cap Extreme 100, and Jr, Race to the Sky 100 as a two year old. She also ran lead during the Jr. Iditarod. Ruby is independent, and strong willed, and those qualities are going to make her a great lead dog.
Nellie -- $500 -- The dynamo of the gang, when this girl rocks, she rolls. She's a bundle of energy, but needs a little more practice when it comes to the thinking part of being a lead dog. She has insanely high potential and I have no doubt she'll be a significant contender at our races this season. Sponsored by Winthrop Mountain Sports
Mukluk -- $50 -- Mukluk is the elder of the crew. Age 15, she's beyond earned her retirement, and enjoys spending her days inside on the couch, or sunning herself outside. Our retired dogs are still a part of our team and family, even though they no longer run, and you can sponsor them as well!
Mokie -- $50 -- Mokie is our spunky little Mini Aussie, and even though she doesn't pull sleds, she likes to go out with the team and run alongside or ride in the sled, and she's as much a part of this team as any other dog!


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