Robin Hood

Robin Hood | The Running Back

Rank: Team Dog

Age/Sex: 5, Male

Robin Hood is a near and dear favorite of our race fans! With his flashy looks, an his devil may care attitude, its not hard to see why. Like most young men, his foolish attitude certainly gets him into trouble, but his drive and determination shine when he's running in the team. There is no doubt that this young dog has generations of sled dogs behind him, and that he's meant for great things. Like a true Running Back, this player's got it all!

Race History

6th - Eagle Cap Extreme 100

1st - Jr. Race to the Sky 100

11th - Junior Iditarod

3rd - Stage Stop's Eukanuba 8-Dog Classic

2nd - 2019 West Yellowstone Rodeo Run 8-dog

3rd - 2020 Eagle Cap Extreme 100 mile

5th - 2020 Idaho Sled Dog Challenge 100 mile

4th - 2020 Race to the Sky 100 mile

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