Nellie | The MVP

Rank: Race Leader

Age/Sex: 4, Female

Leading from her first fun run in harness at six months old, Nellie is the dynamo of the team. She performed impeccably during her first season running mid-distance for Team Whiteout in 2018, running lead in all three big races, finishing solidly in lead for Race to the Sky, and accompanying her brother Steamer under the 2018 Junior Iditarod finish line banner. She blew that top performance out of the water during the 2018-19 season leading every single race and finishing with her A game by leading the team to a third place victory at Stage Stop's Eukanuba 8-Dog Classic in Wyoming. With her outgoing attitude and attachment to her musher, its not hard to see that she's the Most Valuable Player.

Race History

  • Eagle Cap Extreme 100 - 6th 
  • Jr. Race to the Sky 100 - 1st
  • Junior Iditarod - 11th
  • Stage Stop Eukanuba 8-dog Classic - 3rd

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