Freckles | The Queen

Rank: Lead Dog

Age/Sex: 7, Female

Quiet, modest, and grounded, Freckles holds her own as the best lead dog on the team, and the most all around dependable member. But don't let her quiet personality fool you, though timid in the dog yard, there's no doubt who the queen of the trail is. Like any true leader, you won't always see her at the front. In fact, she often takes the second step, running in swing just behind the lead dogs, and giving the young dogs a chance to shine while still being close enough to help handle any situations that may arise. The steady guide when the going gets tough, Freckles is always there to lead the team safely in. 

Race History

Eagle Cap Extreme 100

Jr. Race to the Sky 100

Junior Iditarod

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Trevor Ose

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