The Eagle Cap Extreme – January 2017

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We had an amazing weekend at the ECX. It was an incredibly well run race. The staff were incredible, the trails gorgeous, and the vet team was no less than outstanding. I’m so proud of how the team handled the course, and the yearlings have officially tackled their first race.When you leave the chute you almost immediately climb a set of hills before you get up onto the road most of the juniors race course is on.

Once we reached it, it was pretty much easy sailing up to Salt Creek Summit. The team (and myself) was definitely prepared for the rest of the course, and handled the hills with ease since most of our training trails include steeper terrain than seen the rest of the way. There were a few places on the trail that were a little icy, but I didn’t have any trouble.

I worked to keep them slow most of the time sense it was the yearlings first race and I wanted them to feel confident and happy finishing, and I didn’t want to push them at all.

I stopped the team briefly on the juniors loop to give them all hot dogs; a pre race plan to make sure they were still in high spirits.

I stopped the team again just after going through the turn around, and we hung out for fifteen minutes before continuing back down toward the ski area.

Coming down from Salt Creek was absolutely stunning. There was one section of the trail that looks out over the mountains and some farms down below, and I happened to be going through it when the sun was setting and the sky was gorgeous.

Heading through the iciest part of the trail I moved Robin over onto the left side of the Center line, sense I knew he would pull hard to whatever side I moved him too. The volunteers by the edge were awesome and everything went fine.

Coming into the finish they all looked awesome, and ready for more. Very proud of my team and how well they did. Very happy to have finished in exactly the amount of time I wanted to.

The Team

  • Lead: Freckles and Tatum
  • Swing/Team: Rubicon
  • Wheel: Sunny and Robin Hood
  • Place: 2nd
  • Time: 3hr 35min