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We have officially kicked off the 2016-17 Sleddog season! Our first run was a little wacky- the dogs didn’t quite have the rhythm of running down yet. We’ve run three times so far and the dogs are slipping right back into routine. Freckles, the newest dog in the kennel, is doing very well and is going to have settled in very nicely by the time snow starts to fall. She’s going to be an amazing asset to the race team.The puppies are growing up so fast. At eleven months it’s hard to believe their almost a year old. Robin Hood is getting to be very big. He’s a great mover and I’m very excited to have him on my team this year.

My main focus right now is refreshing the dogs on their old training, and teaching the new ones how I operate with the rest of the team. sometimes it takes them a little bit into the run to get on the same wave length.

Each run they keep getting better at behaving well and cooperating.

Definitely excited for the snow to fall!

Happy Trails!